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What’s Magnetic Skin?


Is a new magnetic system for installing cladding made out of: leather, wallpaper, and more, in a fast, clean, and effective way by simply magnetizing the material of your choice.

The main goal is to transform the client’s material into a Magnetic Skin.

Its uniqueness lies not only in its physical characteristics, but also in the fact that it has found the balance between being a fast – functional product that maintains aesthetics in a high level of importance, using a neat and simple installation technique.

Advantages of

magnetic skin:


– Magnetic skin supports the clients creativity, by giving the freedom of choosing different kinds of cladding and finishing materials, disposing them at their will, no matter the shape and size of the cladding material needed.

– Practically, any cladding materials of your choice can be used.

– Its features allow it to be installed by anyone, in a very short amount of time.

– Ensures the continuous and fast customization of the surface you chose to use magnetic skin on, with endless possibilities for repositioning, adding, changing  and even modifying the cladding whenever is needed.

 Magnetic Skin’s applications:


 It can be used in sectors such as:

– retail
– offices interiors
– residential
– hospitality
– show rooms
– cruise interior design refitting
– furnishing

How does it work?:



Its innovative method of adhesion allows you to select the cladding of your preference so it can be magnetized. Before proceeding, the magnetic coupling is tested by our laboratories to assess the necessary features for the development of the panels.

Prioritizing your customization requirements, we plan, arrange and install the required number of panels needed to cover the area you want to apply the cladding on.

Once the wall surface has been prepared and the cladding has passed through the magnetization process, it can be installed by simply bringing it into close proximity to the support panels. The adhesion will be immediate, and you will discover how easy is to assemble and replace the cladding rapidly at any time.

Magnetic Skin chair 1
Magnetic Skin chair 3
Magnetic Skin chair 2
TDS Magnetic Skin

Technical characteristics:


The system uses single panels of up to 3300 x 900 mm, that can be joined together to cover wider surfaces.

The strength of magnetic adhesion is a characteristic that is maintained over time, in case of our product, it provides up to 400 Kg/sqm of anti-slip.

It can be used with linear or radial surfaces.

The products we use are in accordance with the flameproof test UNI 8457: 2010, Category 1.

Magnetic fields generated by our solution, are well within the limits established by the security standards at national and international levels based on ICNIRP1 guidelines, as shown by tests carried out at the lab center (Spin off of the CNR), Florence.